About Us

Loughton Lofts formed purely because our clients told us to! For a number of years we were hired by builders to handle their loft conversion jobs. Left on-site to liaise with their clients, we found ourselves taking over entire projects, often offering much more than builders themselves could.

Having been told time and time again that we should start a business specialising in loft conversions, we took the initiative and created Loughton Lofts. With both of our founders based in Loughton, Essex, we have a strong local connection and went on to form our team of talented, local English builders.

As a close-knit crew, we only take on one job at a time, ensuring that all of our attention is focused on creating the best loft space we can. Walking you through each and every facet of the design, from where the TV will go to where windows need to be installed, you will always find company founders Ross and Tony on-site each and every day until completion! So let’s introduce you to the guys who made Loughton Lofts what we are today.

Ross Townley

Having taken his NVQs in carpentry and joinery, Ross started his career working on site for a building firm, eventually becoming foreman for the last 3 years of his employment. He left to start his own small carpentry company which would tender jobs for large construction firms. During this time he opened his own workshop creating beautiful, bespoke furniture for clients, which he’s still doing to this day.

Tony Pavett

Having studied carpentry and joinery at college, Tony finished his education on-site with an apprenticeship at the long running ‘Higgins construction’. Having excelled as an apprentice, Tony rapidly moved into site management, eventually opening his own joinery business concentrating on adding those final, deft touches to projects. Focusing on joinery, he found himself working more and more in the workshop… which is where Ross and Tony came together to cover all aspects of carpentry and construction. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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