IN Loft Conversions
    Investor Name:
    Published Date:
    July 3, 2015
    4,000,000 $
    About Project
    • INVESTORS:  middle-age family
    • LOCATION:  Barnet
    • PROPERTY TYPE:  semi detached house

    Project Before and After:

    Customer Story

    Set in the leafy suburbs of North London, the Barnet loft was a project undertaken in 2015 for a middle-age family looking to make more of their home. With their kids growing up, they wanted to create a more habitable space for the family as a whole, though they were also looking to the future and were very aware of the amount of value that a loft conversion can add to a property.


    As a semi detached house we had a lot of space to work with, and created two separate bedrooms in the loft. This included the full spectrum of our services from design to planning, carpentry, electrics, plumbing and decorating. The fitting of a stunning new wooden staircase was also imperative, and, as a little flourish, we created a balcony area fitted with double glazed doors.